Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Houston, we have a problem

Momma T is in the kitchen. She never cooks. Not ever.

Ya, I heard something like, "blankety blank, didn't have to have my glasses on last time I tried to use the blender and the Cuisinart". Then I heard something about grandma being a dump cook. Doesn't everyone know how much 2 boxes, 1 can and a carton equals? Aren't they all standard sizes?

Yup, keeping a low profile here. Think McDonalds might be in the future for the office potluck.


Alesha McGinnis said...

Hey now little lady... We appreciate ur hard work on the cranberry salad... We would be sad if u got us McDonalds! Thanks Auntie D... We all love u sooooo MUCH!!

Alesha McGinnis said...

OH man... That was some SUPER awesome salad!! Thank T!