Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Southwest Arctic Road Trip • Day 2

Breakfast at Mr. D'z... Absolutely fabulous.

We had to come back later so that I could belly up to the bar and have another of their homemade root beer.

You would never know that when we pulled into town yesterday it was raining sideways.

Arizona, desert and cactus with a splash of snow for the backdrop.

Road closed just beyond the bend.

Surprised my mom, hadn't seen her for 6 years. We had a wonderful time. Love ya mom.

We're hoping this sign will be in our rear view mirrors tomorrow. Weather permitting of course, but it looks promising.

A bluff outside of Kingman.

I am totally blown away by the beauty down here.

Many thanks to Casey, Tracy, Alesha, Alex, Diane and Deborah for letting me take Sponge Boss Square Pants away. She misses you, but I keep distracting her by stopping for yet one more picture. We are having the time of our lives.

Good night all. Hopefully will post again for tomorrow. Unlike Oregon, Arizona does not have a coffee shop every two buildings with Wi-Fi. I remain a hostage to technology.

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