Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Southwest Road Trip • Day 9

Sunrise at Zabriski Point was just as spectacular as I wanted it to be. Arriving in the pure darkness, we watched for 1.5 hours as the sun made it's way over the point. Wow.

After a speedy but awesome breakfast at Furnace Creek Ranch, we rode on over to Rhyolite, Nevada. A ghost town.

In 1906, it was quite the booming mining town.

We then spent the next hour or so scrambling up the sand dunes outside of Stovepipe Wells.

According to Karen, we were just going out a little ways. But she kept going and going and going.

Daylight continued to burn way to quickly, but the mountains over the valley were incredible. Next stop, sunset.

Sunset at Dante's View was amazing. The 13 mile drive up a winding road with a 15% grade at the end was worth it.

And ladies at FMC West, as much as we hate to admit it, vacation is almost over. Square pants sponge boss will soon be on her way back. Just a fair warning.

And so, we watched the sun come up and the sun go down in Death Valley. This has been the best trip ever. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this possible for us.

The next leg of our journey will not be a mystery. We will head out for Las Vegas tomorrow so that we can catch the plane home on Thursday.

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