Friday, December 04, 2009

So moms,

Where ya goin' for this thar vacation?

Well, Moose, we're taking a road trip. We'll fly into Las Vegas and rent a car. From there, we'll pick up Route 66 out of Topock and follow Route 66 to Flagstaff. Then we'll head north to the Grand Canyon, Page, AZ to slot canyons and then into Utah to see Bryce and Zion National Parks.

You'll have to check the blog everyday to see if I was able to upload pictures.

Can I come???? Can I? Can I? Can I? You know how I love to go adventures.

Sorry sweet boy, not this time.

Mean, mean mommies.

Will it be sunny where you are going?

Oh Moose, I just looked at the weather. It's going to be rather cold. Snow, wind and rain are all in our future. Most of the days will be in the 30s and some of the nights will be really close to zero.

I think I changed my mind about going. Ever thought about some place warm, like Florida or Hawaii? Last time I checked, the calender said December. What on earth were you thinking moms?

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