Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Chunky Monkey, Monkey Mugger

Minnie is a hoot. This dog absolutely rocks my world and is the definition of food motivation.

She has learned to nose her way to the front of the pack for cookie distribution and when it is meal time, she’s right there ready to go.

Breakfast almost always includes a few pieces of banana. A
treat for certain, at least to a few of the hounds.

So this morning, my perfect little yellow banana rested on the counter, waiting for ME to take it to work. Not gonna happen. I went out to run another pack of puppies and come in to find a disgusting pile of banana peel… I thought for sure someone had gacked at first glance. Imagine my surprise to find the counter empty and yes, I have no banana.

I knew she loved them, I didn’t know she’d steal it off of the counter! This dog would mug a monkey for a banana.