Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another greyt day

Our youngest daughter Holly and her fiancé had Christmas dinner at their house. It was wonderful, we had a blast.

The ceremonial opening of the gifts. Holly is shooting her red garter off into space????

Megan demonstrating the obvious with her Route 66 shot glass.

Autzen wondering what happened to all of her usual presents.

Just your typical really good dogs. Emma loved her time with her cousin Autz.

Joey shocked me by demonstrating his carving skills.

Megan and Holly

Holly and Autzen. Don't know how exactly how I captured this shot.

Megan and the attack of the doggies.

Joey's mom Mary and his sister Amanda.

Many, many thanks Joey and Holly for a wonderful day. Loved the card, it was perfect. The Coke is right at home. But next time, please scratch off the lottery tickets until you get a big winner. We'll take that one. :o)))))

Love ya much, the moms.

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