Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Faces of Flocko

William Shakespeare wrote that "The eyes are the window to the soul."

After living with so many greyhounds, I'm convinced it is a package deal... the eyes, the ears and the nose.

I pretend every day I know exactly what the houndies are thinking when I look at their expressions.

They are my entertainment, my loves and my life.

Flocko in particular has the grandest expressions. And he, in turn, has the greatest expectations of us. If we are not point on with every thing that he has in mind, there is no peace anywhere until we satisfy his needs of the moment. Yes siree, dogs live in the moment and Flocko needs his needs of the moment satisfied.

The "It's mine, don't mess with me look."

"Ok, ok, ok, I'm smiling for the damn camera now just take the stupid picture and let's be done with this" look.

"The DO NOT DISTURB sign is hanging. Stop flashing that thing before me, there is a dog over there, go bug them" look.

The "Please mommy pleaaazzzzzze, I'm asking nicely now" look.

The "Surely you jest, you are kidding aren't you?" look.

The "enough, you bore me... off with your heads" look.

The "just give it, you know I'm not backing down so just let go already" look.

"There is something in the air, can't quite put my nose on it, but it is there" look.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Henline Falls

The Adventure Henline Falls
Location LAT 44.849 N LON 122.33938 W
Date May 24, 2009
Weather 83°, Sunny
Distance 44 miles

Unlike Minnie, Crystal had no problem doing the high hurdle over the downed trees on the trail to Henline Falls.

And Crystal also took the correct trail that led to the falls. We all got a big chuckle when we realized that there was a sign only 15 ft. from where we took the wrong path the week before.

Have I mentioned that I am directionally challenged?

The trail was beautiful. There weren't any downed trees after the fork. It was pretty smooth going, for awhile...

At that point the trail got a whole lot narrower, a little steeper and it was up hill on one side and straight down on the other. It was time to move Crystal to the inside.

Henline Creek finally became visible, but it was a long way down there.

We could hear the falls for quite a while, but when we could finally see it, we knew we were in for a treat.

The trail became a whole lot dicier the closer we got to the falls. There was no turning back now.

Once again, the beauty of Oregon took our breath away.

At the base of the falls was an old silver mine. Besides the opening, the concrete and steel bars were the only remnants of mining activity close to the turn of the century.

The entrance to the mine was open and we had our iPhones loaded with flashlights, but getting Crystal up to the opening just didn't feel safe, so we never ventured that far.

I was surprised to learn that there was at one time a whole mining district in the area.

Henline Falls is part of the Opal Creek Wilderness Area.

To date, this is probably my favorite waterfall. She just begged to have her picture taken.

Climbing down to the base was a trip and a shower. Crystal and Karen stayed up by the concrete slabs while the camera and I went down for a bath. I could barely keep the lens dry in between shots.

The pool at the base was emerald green and crystal clear.

The creek as it exited the falls.

And proof positive that the third time is a charm as Crystal poses in front of Henline Falls.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Bleu Hoo

Roses are red,
Danny is bleu.
Today is your day,
Happy Birthday to Roo!

Danny Bleu, you give a whole new meaning to hunka, hunka hound dawg.

Happy 8th birthday Danny Bleu.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Storm watch

Just as I was leaving for work this morning, I discovered Stormy (momma kitty) serving up breakfast for her babies Snowy, Cloudy and Rainy.

Judging by the mess of feathers she's left, somebody is getting something nutritious.

She was rather miffed with me for taking her picture with the flash.

In my defense, I have never even gotten close to them. All photos have been taken from the inside, either through a screen or two layers of glass.

Even made me a little late for work, I HAD to take a picture.

They were no where in sight at noon or after we got home this evening. Maybe I made Stormy mad enough to move them to one of our neighbors yards. Yards without dogs and cameras.

They've sure been entertaining though.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Salmon Falls

The Adventure Salmon Falls
Location LAT 44.849 N LON 122.33938 W
Date May 24, 2009
Weather 33°, Sunny
Distance 39.3 miles

OK, so not every trail is in perfect condition. This trail definitely fell victim to the elements of a rough winter.

Salmon Falls is a 25 ft. waterfall that splits into two on the Little North Fork of the Santiam River. A fish ladder has been constructed to allow fish to get upstream.

A short hike led us to the top of the falls, Crystal was able to walk safely in the cool shallow water above the falls.

The view looking down was great. The force of the water was incredible.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What part of GREYHOUND Gardens don't you understand

This is Trouble. Two years ago he camped out in our front yard, just on the other side of the fence. Close enough to drive the dogs crazy, far enough for safety.

When I sent the picture to a friend, she asked me if this rabbit had a suicide wish. Honestly, I didn't know for sure.

Fast forward to last Wednesday.

Just like always I came home for lunch to run the dogs. All of a sudden they were going nuts at the same front fence. A big part of me feared that Trouble had come back.

Well, not exactly.

Meet Snowy.

This is Snowy and her brother Cloudy.

This is Snowy and her brother Cloudy and her other brother Rainy.

I've seen momma running around. She's dumped her kittens in one of our front gardens. These photos were taken from the safety of our laundry room window.

They're wild, wilder and wildest.

What the hell do we do now?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Henline Falls or not, again

The Adventure Henline Falls
Location LAT 44.849 N LON 122.33938 W
Date May 17, 2009
Weather 83°, Sunny
Distance 44 miles

Is that where we're going? Woo hoo, let's take a hike!

Ummmm, wait just a cotton pickin' minute. You know I don't jump, I'm a bottom. How do you expect me to get over this?

Ok, if you absolutely insist, but this is the only one. I'm not going over the other five logs that are down across the trail.

OK, so the fungi are pretty cool on this side of the log.

And the ferns are really neat as they unfold for the summer months.

Now what are we going to do? The trail is not marked. Do we go left or right?

Figures we would go the wrong direction. Henline Falls has eluded one more time.