Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Southwest Arctic Road Trip • Day 1

We're flying the friendly skies. Temperature in Salem when we left, 24°. Brrrrrrr.

Flight was uneventful, leaving Las Vegas was uneventful and now the Southwest Arctic Road Trip of 2009 is ready to begin.

Gas, given my history of empty gas tanks, I promised that I would keep the tank on the top side of half. Ummmm, guess not.

If we could do the entire route, here it is.

Karen not looking at the map, but rather counting the shot gun holes. Note to self, be prepared to duck.

The landscape was peppered with cairns. I was hoping that the paved road would take us where we needed to go and I would not have to rely on them.

So different from Oregon, even in the overcast skies, Arizona is truly beautiful.


An Arizona Christmas tree.

Property for sale?

Oh lookie, shaggy greyhounds. Have I mentioned we really miss the doggies?

Seeing the wild burros on the sidewalks of Oatman was a trip. However, seeing a herd of wild burros in one of the gulches was a treat. We think we counted a dozen of them.

It's mining country in them thar hills. Signs were posted everywhere to keep out and no trespassing. Hmmmm, maybe we'll have to go back. Sounds like an invitation to me.

We found a century old hotel in Kingman. Rumor has it that it is haunted. You'll have to come back to see if it really is.

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Eric Howald said...

So ... frikkin ... jealous. Beautiful work, my dears.