Monday, December 14, 2009

Southwest Road Trip • Day 7

In Williams when we strolled into the bakery for breakfast it was 33° and snowing with a promise of 8-10 more inches of snow.

It was time to rock 'n' roll.

We headed west staying on I-40 to the California border where we picked up Route 66 just outside of Essex.

The clouds were absolutely beautiful once the snow quit falling and the rain quit falling and the wind quit blowing.

Still fascinated by the miles and miles of trains, we stopped on the tracks in hopes that a train would pass by.

There were no Burma Shave signs in California like we saw in Arizona, but the highways were painted the entire way.

Abandoned café and gas station in Essex.

Along the entire route in California, people had gathered rocks and written messages along side the road. Some looked recent, some looked like they had been there for years.

Outside of Chambliss a shell of a building remained. Behind it was a dumping ground. Seeing this gave a whole new importance to reduce, reuse, recycle. What are leaving for future generations?

Looking out a window through the graffiti.

The Roadrunner Retreat.

Looking back at the beautiful mural on the side of the building of the Roadrunner Retreat.

A vacant but beautiful Roy's Motel and Cafe.

A final sunset on Route 66.

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