Thursday, December 10, 2009

Southwest Tundra Road Trip • Day 3

We checked out of the Brunswick Hotel this morning. Sadly, we never experienced the ghosts that roamed the halls. Go figure.

And we waved good-bye to Kingman, promising that we would return.

Just a few years back nearly 90 trains a day passed through Kingman, my stay in Kingman was not going to be complete until I saw the Santa Fe "warbonnet" engine. I asked at the tourist center about them and was told that it was catch as catch can. And I did. Since Burlington Northern and Santa Fe have merged, there weren't many warbonnets pulling the long trains and what few I did see all had BNSF in place of Santa Fe. Guess it was my very lucky day.

Next stop: Hackberry. It was a Greyhound bus line stop. The temptation to shimmy up the post and steal the sign was almost uncontrollable.

There was plenty of parking.

All along Route 66 we have enjoyed the Burma Shave signs.

Time to fill up the rental car with gas.

Two of our favorite things, greyhounds and Coke.

Chevy fire truck, ready to roll.

A wildlife rescue park in route just outside of Valentine grabbed our attention. These deer were so sweet.

Loving the rust.

The hint of snow in the mountains became a reality the farther east we drove.

The higher we climbed the deeper it got.

And then, we knew we were in the tundra.

Each time I stopped for a picture the snow got deeper and temperature got colder.

Until we reached the end of the trail in Seligman. I-40 had semis back up for miles. The roads had been closed and they all spent the night in Seligman, even though the power had been out for hours. The roads were open, but an accident caused by ice on the highway had stopped traffic dead in its tracks.

We had no TV and sketchy internet service. So Karen and I found a close-by truck stop that sold DVDs, we plugged my trusty little laptop in and watched a movie on the laptop.

What an awesome day.

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