Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mom, did you get your kicks on Route 66? Did ya? Huh? Did ya?

Tell us about your kicks moms. We want fun dreams tonight, not scary ghost stories.

Arizona had great Route 66 signs.

We drove by gold mines, maybe we could have panned for our millions.

And then there was Ed's Camp. You guys had a blast at Camp Lisa, do you think Camp Ed would have been just as much fun?

Riding a Harley was really big on Route 66.

And judging by the sign on the door, cowboys must have been everywhere too.

We had breakfast at Lilo's Westside Café and just across the highway was the Roadkill Café. Do you think the owners were related?

The Harley riding got to be a little chilly in Seligman. Those lady bikers are tough though.

And once we got to Williams, we found a place we could make new friends. Hmmmm, go figure that we would find another bordello in the same block.

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