Monday, December 28, 2009

Mom, did you see any ghosts?

Ghost towns sound very scary, did you see any ghosts on your trip? Did you bring any home with you?

No Joey, we didn't see any ghosts, but there was some promise of seeing them.

The firsts two nights of our road trip we stayed at the Brunswick Hotel in Kingman, Arizona.

Three resident ghosts live there, an older gentleman who died in his room, an unknown woman and a little girl who died in an accident on the stairs. We didn't get to meet any of them.

There are also tales of a ghost named Eve at the Red Garter Bed and Breakfast. Perhaps she is one of the ladies of the evening that just never left. There was also a murder in the building, a man was murdered on these stairs in the mid-1940s. Ahhh, but we never witnessed any ghosts here either.

Perhaps the closest we got to any ghosts were the ghosts having their last supper in Rhyolite, Nevada.

Or the ghost that rides his bike through the streets at night in Rhyolite.

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