Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's My Birthday

Yeppers, it's me, Flocko Doggo and it's my birthday.

I'd like all of my birthday presents delivered by noon please.

Overall, it has been one GREYT year! I got to take a fabulous hike to Three Pools. Although, it was so cold that if I still had the family jewels, they would have frozen right off!

And then, there was the time I went to tulip fields. That really was more of a chick kinda thing to do. I tried really hard to strut my manliness. No froo froo for me.

And everynight without fail, I'm out there playing Flocko Ball. I've finally gotten the other mother trained to follow me with the super duper Costco flashlight in the dark.

I hardly think it is my fault that the days got short. If they want me to play in the daylight, then I suggest they come home from work earlier.

So yes, today, tomorrow, yesterday, the next day and everyday in between is all about me. Flocko!

Happy 6th birthday to me.

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