Sunday, December 13, 2009

Southwest Tundra Road Trip • Day 6

Our second night was over at The Red Garter and during breakfast, I challenged the proprietors for a reason to stay one more night.

They gave us a reason.

I-40 to Highway 89 and then on 89A to Jerome and Sedona.

First stop, a herd of antelope. I haven't seen antelope since I lived in Wyoming.

Just above Jerome was an old mining ghost town. It was a little more like a junk yard, but it was filled with treasures.

A resident rabbit (just for the greyhounds).

And many old trucks, including this 1923 Ford Model TT hand-cranked dump bed truck.

Before we reached Sedona, we wound our way through Red Rock State Park.

As the sun broke the through the clouds, the views became more amazing.

Another great day on the road. Where tomorrow? Well, guess that depends on whether or not we get the 8-12 inches the weatherman promises.

Oh, and hey Hollyannakins, if you are reading this, Happy Birthday kiddo!

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