Thursday, May 21, 2009

From puppy and playmate

Many moons ago, we had the good fortune of fostering a little tiny peanut of a girl. 47 lbs of pure puppy came into our home, our hearts and our lives.

She wouldn't be here long, we sure of that. While she was here, she made herself to home.

She made friend after friend that she could run with. Talley especially seemed to bond with Crystal.

When she was in the back yard, we saw more of her butt than any other part of her.

The race was always on.

The day came that we had to hand her leash over to someone else. But Crystal knew something we didn't, she somehow knew she would be back to the gardens.

No one was happier than me when she appeared on Craig's list, looking for a new forever home. Thanks to a couple of dedicated volunteers and my sheer determination, Crystal came back to the gardens after four years in another home.

And today we celebrate Crystal's 6th birthday.

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