Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Cascadia State Park

The Adventure Cascadia State Park
Location LAT 44° 23' 51" N LON 122° 28' 50" W
Date April 25, 2009
Weather 54°, Coudy
Distance 64.7 miles

Just beyond the Short Bridge was the entrance to Cascadia State Park. Roxy was quick to mark the spot so that we would know where to come back to if we got lost.

A small but beautiful creek ran through the park, Soda Creek. A short 3/4 mile trail that followed the creek lead us to a most spectacular waterfall.

There were several Trillium in bloom as we hiked.

Little foot bridges crossed the creek as we walked.

The old growth forest was stunning. Every turn on the path gave me a new chance for a Kodak moment.

Some of the trees were huge, something you just don't realize until you are standing next to the trunk of a downed tree.

Who knew that such a little creek would take us to an incredible water fall.

But what took our breath away was Soda Creek Falls.

And in the end, Roxy couldn't believe she did the whole hike. She slept the entire way home.

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