Monday, May 18, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • I Hate to Love Technology

The Adventure Not here
Location LAT ?? N LON 1?? W
Date May 16, 2009
Weather 81°, Sunny
Distance ???????

Dear GiGi (Girlfriend Garmin),

You know very well that I am completely and overwhelmingly directionally challenged. I trusted you. I looked the coordinates up on the Internet and locked them safely into your cache.

When you took us a different direction, I believed in you and thought you knew something that Google maps didn't know.

It will take me a trip or two to trust you again GiGi.

Off to see a new waterfall, GiGi took us out of town the other way. Always up for a new drive, I embraced the challenge falling back into the safety net that GiGi provided.

Quickly we climbed into the Cascade Mountains, out of our trusty iPhone reach and... Onto a dirt logging road so quickly GiGi? Are you sure?

A fork in the road, but GiGi says this way.

Ummmmm, don't think this is it GiGi. OK, I realize that high from your satellite, you don't see that the road has been roped off, but couldn't you pick out the neon ribbons for crying out loud?

The big rock paw print was probably worth the stop.

It didn't say no trespassing, so we'll at least walk a ways to the clearing and see what we can see.

Truly beautiful as only Oregon can provide. There was ample room to turn around. However, in order to find the other waterfalls that I had read about in this area we had to travel back down out of the mountains until our trusty little iPhones could get service.

We found the web site, locked in new coordinates and were on our way.

Sheesh, how can technology be both a best friend and a nemesis?

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