Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Henline Falls or not, again

The Adventure Henline Falls
Location LAT 44.849 N LON 122.33938 W
Date May 17, 2009
Weather 83°, Sunny
Distance 44 miles

Is that where we're going? Woo hoo, let's take a hike!

Ummmm, wait just a cotton pickin' minute. You know I don't jump, I'm a bottom. How do you expect me to get over this?

Ok, if you absolutely insist, but this is the only one. I'm not going over the other five logs that are down across the trail.

OK, so the fungi are pretty cool on this side of the log.

And the ferns are really neat as they unfold for the summer months.

Now what are we going to do? The trail is not marked. Do we go left or right?

Figures we would go the wrong direction. Henline Falls has eluded one more time.

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