Sunday, May 03, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Short Covered Bridge

The Adventure The Short Covered Bridge
Location LAT 44° 23' 25"  N  LON  122° 30' 34" W 
Date April 25, 2009
Weather 54°, Coudy
Distance 64.7  miles

Our adventure to the Short Bridge was an enchanting one. What we found just before the bridge and just after the bridge were definitely unexpected treasures.

Someone with a grand imagination built a fence in front of their property that was sure to grab attention.

Roxy was not afraid of the faux resident ghosts.

Built in 1945, the bridge was originally known as the Whiskey Butte bridge, but was later renamed for an area resident.

The bridge is still in use, and is one of the few remaining bridges in Linn County that still has wooden shingles.

It's the last of the covered bridges to span the South Fork of the Santiam River.

The best surprise of all is what we discovered once we crossed the bridge. A wolf refuge. they were incredibly beautiful. This one immediately stood up on the roof to greet us.

There was a six foot chain link fence between us and them. Roxy waited in the car when we went over for a closer look.

The house in the background had collapsed, and the resident wolves did not  to mind.

They were all curious, but nott alarmed as we stood on the other side of the fence admiring them.

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