Friday, May 15, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Sahalie Falls

The Adventure Sahalie Falls
Location LAT 44° 34896 N LON 121.99686 W
Date May 9, 2009
Weather 68°, Sunny
Distance 105 miles

Disclaimer: I the Great and Beautiful Danny Bleu did in fact visit this falls. However, you will not see my picture in front of either of the falls. The falls were really, really noisy, spooky noisy and I didn't like that and there was like a gazzillion people around. Who knew that many people fit on a mountain top?

Salahie Falls, Chinook jargon for "high", is one in a series of three falls created from lava flows on the McKenzie River.

They are classified as segmented falls, meaning the river splits up before it drops, and it drops approximately 100 ft.

The skunk cabbage were in full bloom nestled amongst the velvety soft moss.

Crowded, but definitely a must see.

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