Friday, May 01, 2009

Adda Dabba Doggie Doo

A greyt happy birthday roo to you!

It is a huge joy for us to usher in your 9th birthday. One year ago you were so sick, we weren't sure you would celebrate that birthday little lone another birthday this year. But you did it! And you remain one of the happiest, sweetest dogs around.

Rolling around in the cool green grass continues to be a favorite past time.

And if the grass is just not right, the couch will work as an option. 

Whoever suggested that greyhounds don't shed never met you and your thick beautiful coat. Shedding year around isn't unusual for you at all, but you love the brushings so it works. Your soft beautiful coat is worth it.

We're celebrating you today Adam and boy oh boy am I glad we get to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Adam!

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