Friday, May 22, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Butte Creek Falls

The Adventure Butte Creek Falls
Location LAT 44.92389 N LON 122.51222 W
Date May 16, 2009
Weather 81°, Sunny
Distance 33 miles

After being foiled by GiGi, we looked up another waterfalls in the area as soon as we could hook up to the Internet on our iPhones. We were directed to Butte Creek Falls.

I usually bring up the rear on the trail. This is a most common sight.

Looking down from the trail, the creek was really quite pretty.

The wild flowers were abundant once again as we began our descent down the trail.

Crystal was the first to spot Butte Creek Falls.

An incredibly beautiful falls, we followed the trail down to the base.

From the side, you can see a grotto that has formed behind the falls. You can actually walk behind the falls.

The force of the water hitting the creek below is amazing. It almost looks like a very angry sea.

And yet the spray is ever so delicate on the plants nearby.

One last look before we climb out of there.

Mt. St, Helens in the distance with a demonstration of clear-cut forests and some re-growth.

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