Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Koosah Falls

The Adventure Koosah Falls
Location LAT 44.34442 N LON 122.00048 W
Date May 9, 2009
Weather 68°, Sunny
Distance 100 miles

Koosah Falls, the second of the three waterfalls on the McKenzie River is considered a "block" falls, that is, it descends from a wide breadth of stream.

It falls nearly 90 ft. into a crystal blue pool.

Koosah is a Chinook term meaning sky, possibly after the crystal blue color of the water.

The Trillium although smaller than what we have seen at lower elevations were still in full bloom and very beautiful.

Despite snow still on the ground in many places, the Skunk Cabbage provided homes for the bugs.

And as we got ready to head for home, Three-fingered Jack was visible through one of the clearings.

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