Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Faces of Flocko

William Shakespeare wrote that "The eyes are the window to the soul."

After living with so many greyhounds, I'm convinced it is a package deal... the eyes, the ears and the nose.

I pretend every day I know exactly what the houndies are thinking when I look at their expressions.

They are my entertainment, my loves and my life.

Flocko in particular has the grandest expressions. And he, in turn, has the greatest expectations of us. If we are not point on with every thing that he has in mind, there is no peace anywhere until we satisfy his needs of the moment. Yes siree, dogs live in the moment and Flocko needs his needs of the moment satisfied.

The "It's mine, don't mess with me look."

"Ok, ok, ok, I'm smiling for the damn camera now just take the stupid picture and let's be done with this" look.

"The DO NOT DISTURB sign is hanging. Stop flashing that thing before me, there is a dog over there, go bug them" look.

The "Please mommy pleaaazzzzzze, I'm asking nicely now" look.

The "Surely you jest, you are kidding aren't you?" look.

The "enough, you bore me... off with your heads" look.

The "just give it, you know I'm not backing down so just let go already" look.

"There is something in the air, can't quite put my nose on it, but it is there" look.

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