Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Joey years

Joey, do you remember when we brought you home?

Yup, you scared me. I wanted nuttin' to do with you, and nuttin' is what you got!

Joey, do you remember the next year?

Yup, you still scared me. The acre was there for me to run  far, far away from you. And I did.

How about the third year Joey?

You were still scary. But I did come up and goose you in the butt once, remember?

Yes I do. I was so excited I never washed that pair of jeans again.

How about the fourth year Joey?

Still scary. But I started letting you get closer to take my picture. Did you expect more?

But what about in 2008 Joey?

We hit the motherlode.  I'd had it with the rest of the hounds getting all of the attention. Do you see these ears? They were meant for scritches.

Happy 8th Birthday big guy. We celebrate everyday now that you come up to us for some lovin'.

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