Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oregon Traumatizes Greyhounds

Meanwhile back at the gardens...

All of the greyhounds sat around the kibble bowl comparing their adventures. Bridges, waterfalls and more.

Adam chimed in first. Oh my gosh, mine was the scariest of all! Did you see that long, steep staircase! I couldn't believe I had to climb them!

I was so scared!

Oh no, if you guys could have seen all of the people, the snow and those really noisy falls I had to endure... you would know that I had the scariest adventure of all.

I couldn't even look at the falls they were so noisy.

Oh please, who are you trying to kid? I had to jump over giant logs on my walk.

Look at what I was expected to do? Everyone knows I won't jump!

Why, I thought were going shoe shopping and instead we ended up looking over the mill race. I was petrified!

The water was really loud and is raced under my feet. What on earth were the momma's thinking?

But you guys never saw where I had to go. It was horrible. There were square holes under my feet and I could see forever below me.

I just wanted to stay in the car after that walk.

I could see the creek below my feet. And those square things, what was that all about? I read the article and it said dog friendly, maybe those dogs wore snowshoes!

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