Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Opal Creek Wilderness

The Adventure Opal Creek Wilderness
Location LAT 44.85949 N LON 122.2649 W
Date June 20, 2009
Weather 64°, Cloudy
Distance 49.9 miles

Just when I think Oregon can't get any better, we go on a new and even better adventure. On our way to the Opal Creek trail head, we stopped for another quick look at Salmon Falls.

This time I climbed down to the creek bed. Even though it had recently rained, the bees where busy working their magic on the wild roses.

It really wasn't a good place for Crystal to climb down to, so after their own exploring, Karen and Crystal pulled up a place to sit and patiently played solitaire on the iPhone. This is what I saw when I came around the bend.

I was a little surprised at how far the trail head was, but I was even more surprised at the number of cars that were parked at the trail head. Surprisingly though, we didn't run into that many people.

After a locked gate, the trail follows an old logging road that is still used only by service vehicles. It was a great gentle walk.

Opal Creek, as it turns out is not named after the incredible color of the water, but rather somebodies wife. I'm glad her name was Opal and not something like... Gertrude.

Water drops were collected on the plants as we walked. They resembled sparkly little diamonds.

We barely scratched the surface as we made our way up the trail. This is the opening to the Santiam One mine. The opening is closed with a "bat friendly" gate.

Stay tuned, Crystal's adventures aren't over yet.

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