Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hear ye, hear ye

The Greyhound Gardens Double-digit Gang will present the golden knuckle bone to their newest member today.

Ms. blender, affectionately known as B-shy, Beachers or the cobra is officially the big one-oh.

In 2002, Blender officially became a garden hound. What have we done to her?

Only one year later, the white started to creep above her eyebrows.

In 2004, her legs started to look a little more salt and pepperish.

By 2005, her white mask had become quite distinguishable.

The next year, her face hadn't changed as much, but those legs where looking more like stockings.

By 2007, her mask was totally defined.

And then, she was almost completely gray.

But always a happy, happy girl.

How do you feel about turning ten, we ask? "No different, I'm still the boss and everyone knows it."

Happy Birthday Blender!

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