Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Another Storm Watch

After I disturbed breakfast last week, we didn't see hide nor hair of Stormy's babies. With a sigh of relief, we were sure she had taken her babies to a much quieter and safer location.

She did, she moved them over to our neighbors with the chickens.

Chicken neighbors weren't so happy either.

In fact, they thought they were our kittens. Ummmm, no. I have miles and miles of stretch marks, but they ain't from kittens.

Turns out, chicken neighbors have really bad allergies to cats.

So who do you think reappeared in our fountain garden?



Snowy and...


I did try and sneak outside so that I could shoot just kitten and not dirty window screen, then kitten. But as soon as they saw me they ran for cover under the safety of the water barrels.

The little fatheads.

Wish they weren't so cute. I have no problem annihilating the stinkin' mosquitoes that have moved in as well.

Later that evening...

I thought the kittens had retreated for the evening, but after about an hour or so I looked out the window, and there was Stormy serving up dinner. She's a good little mommy and knows exactly where her babies are.

Now the babies are pissed because they look forward to their evening meal, and momma has shut down the kitchen.

So sorry kids. Time to find a job and get your own meals I guess. Did anybody tell you about the great mousing field on the other side of the chicken house?

Maybe the children house next door will throw out their left overs?

Before moving on, Stormy gave me one last really dirty look and a hiss.

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Melaney Welch Moisan said...

These guys are so cute, "weather" you like cats or not.