Friday, June 26, 2009

Maddie Dahling

Momma, what's for dinner?

How about some kibble?

Momma, kibble is for dogs, I don't like kibble.

Would you like some tripe?

Eew, ick mommy. Do I look like I would eat tripe?

But Maddie, you liked it a few weeks ago. How about your favorite, home cooked schoppola?

No, momma, schoppola was yesterdays news. I don't want that either.

Maddie! You loved my home cooked schoppola. Can I boil just some chicken? Would you like that?

Ummmmmmm, no thank you.

Maddie dahling, we're running out of options. What would you like for dinner?

There ain't anything good to eat in this house. I'll just not eat, thank you very much.

Wait momma, there is something I'd like to eat.

What is it Maddie? You name it, we'll fix it.

This mommy, this is what I want.

Sirloin steak Maddie, are you sure?

Yeppers! Rare, bleeding on the plate please. Warmed just enough to take the chill off.

That was perfect. Thanks mom. You really should take me shopping more often to pick out my food.

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