Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...

Special orders don't upset us, all we ask is that you let us serve it your way.

Mugshots of the incarcerated Miss Talley after the bazillionth time she flipped her food.

Talley is one those hound dogs, one that if you had to rate on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most desirable, she would be a 20.

A 20 with a personality that makes you fall head over heals in love.

A 20 as a comedian.

A 20 in beauty.

A 20 in just shy enough to be a tease, but twice as loving when she isn't a tease.

And a 20 as a pain in the neck when it comes to meals.

When we brought her home, we knew she was a food flipper.

Food flippers are the greyhounds that take one look at their bowl, sniff twice, taste one kibble and say no, not tonight. I have a headache. And with one swift swipe of the paw the bowl is upside down and the kibble is neatly lying on the floor, protected under the umbrella of the bowl.

As if that is not enough, Talley will frequently change her mind, want the kibble and scoot said bowl of kibble from one end of the room to the other leaving a trail of kibble grit.

We had gone months without any food flipping. I thought she had outgrown that little talent and had almost forgotten food flipping, until...

I should have known it was coming when she blatantly refused to go downstairs to eat a few weeks ago. After a little coaxing, she joined Blender and down we went. Food in front, a sniff, a nibble and swift swipe with the paw. Same thing the next day and the next.

Change of food and she's eating. Lasted all of three meals.

So here comes momma Karen with a scoop of special schloppola that she lovingly fixes for the three senior ladies.

No surprises here, Talley consumes her meal with glee.

And now, three weeks after Talley started this game of charades, she wins.

Talley ho, ho, ho no longer goes down stairs to eat with the other hound dogs. She is eating upstairs like the princess she believes she is and she has joined the senior ladies in a bowl of schloppola twice day.

No more food flipping. However momma Karen is now in the kitchen donning her apron and cooking... a lot.

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