Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maternity Leave

I took today off for maternity leave. Miss Jillian and Miss Slinky needed a day to make themselves comfortable.

So together they explored their new home, with Talley as an official supervisor.

They quickly found the water bowls and the window. They sniffed around a bit and then...

It was time for a happy nappy. Miss Slinky found a soft cushion in the middle of the floor that was just right for her.

And very close by Miss Jillian crawled into an open kennel. When I returned to my computer, they followed me, saw where I was going and went back into the other room to lay down.

Before I knew it, they were both laying down on cushions in the living room.

Miss Jillian, the party girl played it up big time for the camera.

But Miss Slinky just wanted to be comfortable.

What is like to bring two new girls home you ask? No different than having four or twenty greyhounds in the house. They pull up a cushion, stretch out and don't move.

Welcome home Miss Jillian and Miss Slinky!

Note: They still have their kennel collars on with their names in big, bold print. Yes, that means I still can't tell them apart on the fly.

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