Monday, March 29, 2010

We have twins! No wait, triplets

Skirvee is ready to share his exciting news. His littermates Jillian and Slinky have come home.

They traveled nearly 3,200 miles to go from Florida to Oregon. This morning we drove out to Sandy to meet them. They happily hopped in the car and nestled in for the last hour of their journey.

The acre was their first stop after they arrived at home. They started their new adventure together checking out their new digs. Side by side they wandered off into the backyard.

It was time for synchronized peeing. They marked their new territory together.

And then they explored together. Without a doubt, these two belong together. Almost identical twins, I suspect they will take great pleasure in trying to trick us until we can quickly identify them. Definitely will need two different colored collars.

After exploring for awhile it was time to meet their long lost brother. Seriously, they had no interest in Skirvee, but he towered over them as he tagged along.

Skirvee is lovingly know for his infamous screech, the trill in his throat, and his demand for never being left alone on the other side of a door. Much to our surprise, Jillian is just like him. I was assured it was a family trait.

It took Slinky awhile before she really explored on her own, when Jillian ventured off without her, she hung by our sides soaking up all the ear scritches she could get. She's a happy, happy girl, her tail wagged constantly. Her personality is more of the bookworm, kinda laid back. She looks and reminds me very much of her uncle, my Buddy.

And then there is Jillian! She's our party girl. She was off and checking out the lay of the land right away. And when Danny and Joey met her, she was a tease, a sniff at a distance was all they were allowed and then it was back off boys. Tonight when it was time to nestle down on a cushion in front of the TV, she was the first one to go belly up, all fours pointing to sky. She was home.

And to Paul and Nancy, thanks for sending us the girls. We will love and treasure and enjoy every minute with them.

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