Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tale of the dress • wedding part deux

I missed the "will you marry me?", but I saw the pics and they were very sweet.

Karen and I were there for the ritual picking of the wedding gown (ha ha soon to-be-son-in-law, we were there this time and you weren't!)

It all begins at a little dress shop in Portland.

Holly, the bride to be,

Her friend Sara,

and the attendant at the store who was so sweet and patient with me and my camera.

Holly had a few questions, but the kid is smart, she'd done most of her Internet research, for days on end I'm sure, before we got there.

Now keep in mind, I have been strictly forbidden and threatened with bodily harm if I show any pictures of the dress, Holly is such a square sometimes. She stuck her head out of the dressing room at this point to make sure I was aware of the rules and made me sign my greyhounds away in blood if I broke the rules.

It was only yesterday that I was sporting miles and miles of stretch marks, waiting for this kid to pop out and here she is standing on a pedestal in a beautiful, white gown.

I'd love for you to see what falls below the shoulders, but I'm afraid. Oh what the heck. Here it is.

The kid, the most beautiful bride. Ever.

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