Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rise and shine

The alarm went off at 4 am this morning. Our adventure was going to take us back to the Columbia Gorge to the Tom McCall Preserve.

Sadly, since it was a preserve, no dogs were allowed and since we hoped to go for a small hike, we didn't bring anyone with us. Better to leave them at home than in a locked car.

As we drove along the I-5, the color in the sky rapidly changed from beautiful to more beautiful. I finally got to an exit where I could pull off to shoot Mt. Hood in her glory safely.

Of course all the coffee we drank required a pit stop at Multnomah Falls. Had to take the time for a quick photo.

We reached the exit onto the Historic Columbia Highway just east of Hood River at the perfect time. I never knew that the Columbia River could be so peaceful. Up to this point it had been horribly windy and the river was choppy.

I still have a million pictures to process. Here is the start.

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