Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saturday Market

We left Holly and her friend Sara with time to spare. I am currently on the fast track to improve my comfort level and ability to shoot people. So bear with me and enjoy the street entertainers.

A band played on stage near the food court. They were quite good and I was enchanted by the electric violin.

The one man band sang, played the harmonica and guitar on the street corner.

I really expected to hear the one-armed guitar player sing about the Edmund Fitzgerald, but instead it was rock.

Opposite the one-man band stood an aging Elvis.

And the balloon guy quietly sat between Elvis and the one-man band building his creations.

These lovely ladies were quite personable. Not quite street entertainers, they were cute.

Away from the crowd this young man played the "drums".

And this man had taken up camp on a bench in the park.

Young girls lined up to jump rope, sometimes in twos and sometimes just one. I loved how the twirler got into jumping right along with the girls.

OK, I know, not a human but a canine. How could I resist?

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