Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Jawbone Flats

The Adventure Jawbone Flats
Location LAT 44.8469 N LON 122.2093 W
Date July 2, 2009
Weather 92°, Sunny
Distance 50.6 miles

This one of the hotter days this summer and we both had the day off. Knowing that we were looking at a seven mile hike, we opted to travel without a greyhound.

We headed back up to Opal Creek with Jawbone Flats in our sites.

The old logging road through the old growth forest was peaceful, beautiful and pleasant when we started out.

At the 3.5 mile mark, we reached the old mining town of Jawbone Flats.

Expecting original buildings, we were a little disappointed, but we found many rusted treasures from days gone by.

The old cars parked in a row were especially enchanting.

Just up the trail from the little community of Jawbone Flats and past the rusted cars the trail led us to Opal Pool Canyon.

Looking up stream from the bridge.

And down stream.

Just below the bridge a huge round boulder was lodged above the creek between the canyon walls.

On the way back to Jawbone Flats we walked through a meadow of daisies.

Cascada de los Niños was on our way back.

Looking downstream from the falls.

And across to the opposite side of the creek where ferns were growing on the rock.

By the time we finished the hike, it was getting hot. The last mile seemed to last forever. We knew it had been a long hot trek when we started to see outhouse mirages.

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Alesha McGinnis said...

Ok... Absolutely Beautiful Pictures... ONE REQUEST FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY>>>>> Can we please please pretty please get a pic of the two of you together on these wonderful adventures.. Not just of Karens tush? LOL
We love u guys!!!