Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Journey

Adopting a greyhound is a journey. We love the journey through thick and thin, and we almost always take a path we don't expect, but one we never regret.

The journey starts out with a twinkle in their eye and a spark in our heart. It starts with a love affair and the moment the greyhound comes home, the honeymoon begins.

We really never know what will happen during the honeymoon and beyond. Ours has always been filled with love and laughter and amazement. We've had the days, days that our greyhound seemed a little off and we would pack them up and off to the vets office with a huge knot in our stomach. Most of the time we walk out, relieved and the knot undone.

Days, weeks, months and even years go by. Our greyhound lives in the moment and does not realize that he is getting older nor does he behave like it and so the years slip by for us as well.

Another day comes and we are back to the vet. This time we leave with a knot in our stomach, a lump in our throats and tears welling up in our eyes. We know that our time is limited and the last leg of our journey is swiftly approaching.

Everyday is counted more closely and enjoyed to the fullest as we wonder, sometimes silently, "when do we say when."

I write about this now because we are facing the end of another journey with one of our greyhounds. Sometimes the sadness is almost overwhelming, but we will be alright, we will be wrapped in warm memories.

We have made wonderful connections through our greyhounds. Years ago, when we picked out our first two racing greyhounds at the farm, we met their handsome sire Ethan and later on were fortunate enough through the Internet to connect with Ethan's adopted family.

Sadly, I received a note from his family saying that Ethan had crossed to the Rainbow Bridge.

And so, as we weep for our own, we also cry for Ethan and his family. This part of the journey is never easy. I admire Katie (Ethan's mama) for her courage and compassion. She loved him so much, that she recognized the look in his eyes, the look that said it was time. Ethan's journey as we know it has ended.

Our lives are filled with so much joy from beginning to end. The pain from loss is tremendous and although the pain never goes away, the joy eventually takes back over and we smile as all of the grand memories come flooding back.

WW Windy Ethan • December 11, 1999 - July 7, 2009

To Ethan, thank you for the two beautiful babies you have given us. You have been a true joy to your trainers and your family. Goodbye sweet boy.

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katie said...

Thank you so much for your heart felt words, they have meant so much for our family.

Ethan was truly a wonder to have and to enjoy daily.

A day doesn't go by without stopping and sending thoughts and prayers to Ethan.

A part of me is with him always and forever.