Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Return to Abiqua Falls

The Adventure Abiqua Falls
Location LAT 44.849 N LON 122.33938 W
Date July 4, 2009
Weather 91°, Sunny
Distance 28.1 miles

Every trip down into Abiqua is just as beautiful as the one before.

This time we got there early enough in the morning that the sun had not made it over the canyon walls yet.

Part of the rock formation on the walls.

Doesn't matter where you stand, Abiqua Falls is stunning.

A better look at the basalt columns.

The top of the 100 plus foot falls.

Karen immediately made a friend. Little Abby is giving us a high two!

View from the entrance of the amphitheater.

There were actually a pair of butterflies playing at the base of the falls.

Looking downstream from the falls.

Abiqua Creek was so still, the reflection was amazing.

A roadside Tiger Lily as we were pulling out of the canyon.

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