Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Drift Creek Falls

The Adventure Drift Creek Falls
Location LAT 44.93338 N LON 123.85062 W
Date July 18, 2009
Weather 63°, sunny
Distance 65.9 miles

Ready for the 1.5 mile hike into Drift Creek Falls.

Drift Creek Falls is a very pretty waterfall, but it's real claim to fame is the suspension bridge built by the National Forest Service in 1997.

The 240' bridge spans over 100 feet above Drift Creek. Very safe for a greyhound to cross, but a little eerie when it moves.

View of Drift Creek Falls from the bridge.

Karen playing at the water's edge.

Base of the falls.

The falls plunges 66 feet over the gorge wall with a view of the bridge crossing above.

An old growth log covered in moss.

Drift Creek Falls is about 10 miles inland from the coast. Can't be that close to the coast without a quick trip to the beach.

We made a quick stop at Boiler Bay.

Looking north from Boiler Bay.

Completely enchanted by the ocean, I was thrilled when a whale appeared for a very brief moment before disappearing again. Apparently there was a pair that had been playing in the bay. I only saw one, and he wasn't around for very long.

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