Friday, July 03, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Green Peak Falls

The Adventure Green Peak Falls
Location LAT 44.33578 N LON 123.49459 W
Date June 27, 2009
Weather 83°, Sunny
Distance 65.7 miles

This time we took the trail head that started at Alsea Falls picnic area. The trail to Alsea Falls was on our way.

And then, it was over the river...

and through the woods as Karen and Minnie led the way to the long-awaited Green Peak Falls.

The trail took us through a dense forest, but overall was a very pleasant hike.

Green Peak Falls was worth the wait. Peak Creek drops down a 45 ft. wall into a pool and then down a 4 ft. wall into a second pool.

I found an almost perfect outcrop that I waded out to set up. The entire time I was eyeing a perfect spot on the opposite bank. After the first series of photos, a delightful fly-fisherman waded out to the middle of the pool, creating multiple ripples in the calm water and planted ass 10 ft. directly in front of me and began whipping his fly rod back at me.

Quality time at Green Peak Falls was abruptly ended.

On the trail back we took a detour down to the bank of the Alsea River.

Lupine where in full bloom along the roadside.

The Willamette Valley.

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