Monday, July 27, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Drift Creek Covered Bridge

The Adventure Drift Creek Covered Bridge
Location LAT 44°59'35.1" N LON 123°53'11.2" W
Date July 18, 2009
Weather 63°, sunny
Distance 53.1 miles

At long last, Crystal steered us towards another covered bridge. Drift Creek covered bridge spans, oddly enough, Bear Creek.

The 66 foot bridge didn't start out there though. Originally, it was built south of Lincoln City 1.5 miles from the coast. Until the mid-sixties when it was bypassed, the bridge serviced the main north-south traffic. By 1988, it had to be closed to pedestrian traffic due to it's deteriorating condition.

Slated for demolition, a local family rallied support and took position of the dismantled timbers and moved the timbers to their property 8 miles north to cover a concrete bridge that accesses their property. They have graciously donated the public easement back to the county for the public to enjoy.

Bear Creek

The original bridge was built in 1914, destroyed by a flood and rebuilt in 1933, and dismantled and moved in 1997.

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