Sunday, July 05, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Sullivan Creek Falls

The Adventure Sullivan Creek Falls
Location LAT 44.84085 N LON 122.26541 W
Date June 28, 2009
Weather 83°, Sunny
Distance 45.8 miles

Feeling a little restless, we decided to head out for a quick Sunday afternoon drive. Where better to head than one of our new favorite places, Opal Creek Recreation Area.

Sullivan Creek Falls gets it claim to fame as a true roadside falls. A drive-by. Composed of multiple tiers, it's estimated height is nearly 200 ft.

All of the water up in this area is almost always crystal clear and the pool at the base of Sullivan Creek Falls is no exception.

This is the final drop before it reaches the pool, approximately 50 ft. From here the water rushes under the road and drains into Cedar Creek.

Of course, we had to walk across the road and down the embankment.

And we were pleasantly surprised with Cedar Creek.

We spent so much time just enjoying the creek...

that Bert the salamander came up to see what on earth we were doing in her territory.

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