Friday, July 10, 2009

The happiest volunteer

We call ourselves greyhound gardens, but trust me when I say it has nothing to do with having a green thumb. In fact, everything that grows around here signs on and understands that they are completely on their own. We rarely water, prune or pluck.

But we do love the fruits of their labors.

So imagine our surprise to find a tomato plant growing at the edge of the patio in the rock directly in the path of 45 mph greyhounds.

The best we can figure is that it is a seed from some coveted cherry tomatoes we enjoyed earlier this year. Lucee the basset hound rarely wanders off of the patio unless she's after cherries and so chances are she recycled a seed or two. She was quite fond of the cherry tomatoes.

So little tomato plant I will water you regularly when I happen to think about it. But protecting you from the thundering hooves of greyhounds is out of my control.

My best advice to you... when you see them coming DUCK.

1 comment:

Alesha McGinnis said...

Alright!!! Better be bringing tomatoes to work soon... =)