Thursday, April 01, 2010

As the tail wags

Miss Slinky just isn't eating as I would like her too, so I took a semi-maternity leave today and worked from home.

I was slaving away at the computer when it got a little quiet and I thought I had better check on the girls.

They found cushions side-by-side to snuggle in on.

As soon as I sat down to grab a few pictures, they were up, but quickly got bored with me and headed back to the cushion.

Sometimes the cushions get double-stacked, are extra soft and become the most coveted cushions in the house.

They both wanted the double.

Jillian was the fastest and Slinky wanted it the most.

"Oh please Jillian," she asked so nicely.

But Jillian didn't move. Slinky attempted to make her her cushion softer by fluffing it.

After she laid down, she realized she wasn't successful and continued to fluff her bed.

Jillian was not amused by her fluffing, and I think she gloated a bit because she had the double.

And then, turned a blind eye to her sister as if to say "I can't hear you Slinky."

Tired of Slinky's huffing and puffing, Jillian moved.

Exhausted from all of her work, Slinky barely made it over to the double cushion.

And in the end, Slinky knew she had out foxed her sister Jillian.

The end.

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