Thursday, April 08, 2010

Houston, the eagle has landed

Miss Jillian and Miss Slinky have settled in, just like they have always been here. They are a bit bossy with the boys, but the boys probably need it.

Jillian has been settled since her first day. She loved the tall grasses and the soft cushions.

Slinky took a day or two longer. She's now sleeping through the night, her little poopies are back to normal, she's got yoda ears quite often and tonight, drum roll please...

She ate kibble!

She's even accepted us as her momma's.

And, I still can't tell them apart, but they have their own velvet collars and no longer wear their kennel collars as name tags.

Jillian wears Jilly bean green and Slinky wears Slinky dink pink. I can officially tell them apart when they are out on the acre.

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