Friday, April 23, 2010

We're on a roll this week

Last while out playing in the yard, Jori must have caught her dew claw on something. Of course, greyhounds rarely break a nail, (like me), they crack it above the quick and leave it for us to do the dirty work. Enter Nurse Ratchet with the toenail clippers.

Yes, Jori cried and the toenail bled, but she nursed it back to happiness.

So what does she do tonight? She cracks the other one up above the quick. Although she attempted a quick exit, I held Nurse Ratchet accountable with the toenail clippers once again.

Greyhounds typically come in two flavors. Stoic and brave or wimpy drama queens. If you've ever heard the greyhound scream of death, you know the blood-curdling, heart stopping cry.

Jori has the scream down, but tonight she was much braver.

I'll be up all night installing bubbles around all of the greyhounds. I think we need it this week.

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