Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finley Wildlife Refuge

The alarm sounded at 3:15 am in hopes of catching a glorious sunrise at Finley. The skies were clear then, but by sunrise, the skies were beginning to get cloudy. No dogs are allowed on the trails, it was a dogless trip.

A short glimpse of the sunrise.

We were greeted almost immediately by this flower.

And I went face-to-face with a banana slug.

As we rounded the trail to the pond, this little guy was wishing a happy morning to everyone.

The grasses glistened with lots of little dew drops.

And other grasses were just beautiful to look at.

We spotted a bald eagle on the other side of the pond, a mere pin dot with my 70-200mm lens and this was one of the birds we watched fly and play around the eagle, so I'm thinking maybe it is a baby or a female.

As we got closer, she took off.

Cattails were plentiful in the refuge.

The marsh looked was clear and smooth when we first got there, about an hour later the winds had started to pick up.

I saw my first blue heron, absolutely beautiful birds.

And as soon as we rounded a corner, these ducks took off.

The bunny posed, knowing it was safe from the greyhounds.

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