Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roxy takes a hike

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when we decided to take a ride up to Silver Falls State Park.

We walked past a rock wall and we were on our way for the easy quarter mile hike.

Forgetting which part of the season we were in, Roxy reminded me that she would keep an eye out for wildflowers.

The colors were fabulous.

And the bleeding hearts were at their finest.

Roxy and Karen really seemed to enjoy the day. Since Roxy will be 14 in September, it's important for her to take it easy and really enjoy herself.

The fiddle-heads were at their peak.

And the sun streamed between the trees.

The trillium were blooming everywhere.

Karen and Roxy paused briefly for me to catch up to them.

Skunk cabbage were just starting to bloom is some of the lower creek beds.

Roxy was adorable on the way home. She pulled at the jacket I had taken off until it was up on her cushion, she laid her head down and slept the entire way home.

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