Sunday, April 04, 2010

As the tail wags

The twins continue to settle in very nicely. Today we added another food to Slinky's diet, no not kibble, but chicken gizzards. They were a huge hit.

It was another yucky weather day. Rainy, blustery, gray and cold. We headed out to get our shopping done and by the time we were done the weather was still the same, no change.

We had our lunch, ran the dogs and seemed like a perfect afternoon for a happy nappy.

And this is when
As the tail wags begins

Player one. The Jilli bean. She was ever so excited and I wasn't sure why, but when I snuggled down in the blankets, I figured it out quickly. She nestled in beside me batting at me with her paws wanting all of the loving I could send her way. At this point, Slinky found a nice soft cushion near the head of the bead.

Player two. The Flo ho. Since time and eternity, Flo has been my constant bed hog. She flops down on top of me until the weight of her either pushes me over or I have a hot flash and move out of the way in self-defense.

You'll have to use your imagination at this point because I didn't take the camera to bed. Imagine if you will, for only a few seconds, Jillian pawing at me for scritches and Flo draped across me.

They realized almost immediately that they were sharing me and before I knew it, I was laying on my back staring up at two girls threatening to have a turf war. I assured them this was not a happening thing and we had all better lay down nicely in the bed or the consequences would not be what they wanted.

Jillian laid back down in a huff and Flo, for the first time didn't flop on me, but laid down with her head going away from me. I recognized the green-eyed monster and rolled over to try and comfort her.

Just having dosed off, pleasant dreams on their way, I hear whining. Is someone hurt? No, it's Jillian whining because my back is to her. Good grief dog, you've been here six days...

Flo had re-positioned herself to her normal, I rolled over, Jillian shut-up and we slept peacefully ever after.

The end.

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